We always appreciate prayer in our ongoing ministry. Without the years of prayer that have been behind the scenes of this ministry, we would not be as far along or as effective as we are today, so we would like to thank you for your commitment to us in prayer.

Some prayer points:

  • For TAG group to be able to run again after Covid restrictions.
  • For our volunteers. They do such a great work, but the work can be tiring at times so please pray for their strength to keep up the good work and for God to send more teachers/volunteers.
  • For the school, that by our witness we would be able to be a blessing and benefit them. Relationship with teachers and staff is good, so pray that that continues, and praise God for that.
  • For our board, that we continue to make moves in the right direction and that God will continue to guide our decisions as we meet to discuss the work in Killara.
  • For increasing class sizes and a higher percentage of students to choose SRE instead of ethics or non-SRE.